Untitled-12 Eliza Licht

A longtime member of POV’s senior management team Licht works closely with POV’s executive producer and other senior staff to set priorities and direction for the series and with POV’s programming team on series selection. Licht is an industry leader in developing and implementing community engagement strategies to maximize the impact and visibility of documentary films. She builds and oversees broad program strategies through engagement, communications, digital, station relations and fundraising. Licht has spearheaded engagement campaigns for over 200 films, including American Promise, Food, Inc. and Last Train Home. She works with public television stations, educators, and community organizations to present screenings of POV films and to develop and distribute accompanying educational resource materials to audiences nationwide. Through her work, she has built a national network of over 8,000 organizations committed to leveraging the power of documentary film as a tool for dialogue and engagement.

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