3 Jason Wyman

JASON WYMAN is many things. He is a photographer documenting the patterns, perspective, and dimension of his environment. He is a social practice artist using all the tools available — interviews, performance, writing, photography, film, social media, sound — to build cultural and civic platforms that tell stories about plural perspectives. He is a writer examining truths and myths through fables, poetry, and parallel observations. He is a performer crafting multi-media experiences that dance between light and dark, despair and hope, reality and possibility. He is a curator filling white walls and empty spaces with the voices, perspectives, and visions of community, emerging, and established artists. He is an educator cultivating environments of peer exchange rooted in creative inquiry and multi-sensory pedagogies. He is a catholic (notice it is not capitalized) mystic conjuring ephemeral landscapes of astral and temporal origins.  He is queerly complex.

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