Kathy_Im1 Kathy Im

Kathy Im oversees investments in the Foundation’s journalism program, one of the largest media programs in philanthropy, which supports the foremost institutions of public service journalism, investigative journalism, and documentary film in the U.S. During her tenure, MacArthur’s journalism support has contributed to numerous impactful and award-winning investigations and documentaries, and important innovations in the production and distribution of public service journalism. In the Fall of 2014, Kathy took a sabbatical from the Foundation to be a Visiting Fellow at MIT’s Open Documentary Lab. At MIT, she explored the intersection of interactive documentaries and digital journalism, and laid the groundwork for new collaborations between interactive media makers and major news organizations. During her tenure at MacArthur, Kathy has also managed or contributed to a number of special initiatives, including the Foundation’s work on gun violence prevention, intellectual property in the public interest, Internet information credibility, migration, and American democracy.

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